Once you have employees, you need to be diligent about filing the required reports to the federal, state and city agencies, and paying all of the appropriate taxes in a timely fashion.

Whether you have one employee or 50, the same reporting is necessary. To avoid mistakes and the ensuing costly interest and penalties, it is wise to use professionals, rather than trying to do it yourself. Even easy-to-use programs leave you vulnerable to late filings and payments, since it’s up to you to do everything correctly and on time. Programs will not take responsibility or pay for penalties when you make a mistake.

Because payroll is complex and the laws and tax rates are changing all of the time, we have partnered with ADP and Paychex to provide the highest level of competency and security while still giving you the convenience of one-stop shopping.

Your Bookkeeper takes care of all of the processing details of your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payroll, and ADP or Paychex takes care of all the filings and payments. We help you to secure the best rate with the payroll company and we charge you only for our time in the processing. “We got people…” It’s the best of both worlds..

(If you already utilize a different payroll company, we will of course, work with your company, as well)