Denise Worrell, Founder


Denise Worrell, founder, Your Bookkeeper

Hi, I’m Denise, and I’m a Certified QuickBooks Advisor and the founder of Your Bookkeeper.

People always think of me as someone who is “good at math,” or “good with numbers,” when the truth is I hated math classes in high school and was an English Major in college. However, I AM good at computer programs, and for me, categorizing financial transactions is like diagramming a sentence. Everything has a place where it fits, and when it’s all in the right place it all works the way it’s supposed to!

I also am good at taking theory in general and giving it a practical application, and that’s how I approach the accounting theory behind bookkeeping. Besides the English Major background which sent me into teaching for a few years, I am also a former horse professional and wife of an electrical contractor. I had 25 years of experience keeping the books for my own horse training operation and I also have been doing the bookkeeping for my husband’s business all these years. To cap that off, I worked for 3 years in billing at an accountant’s office before starting YOUR BOOKKEEPER.

As a result, I combine an understanding of the complexities and details of running a busy small business along with the practical knowledge of bookkeeping, billing, and basic accounting.

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I can be reached at 609-654-9002 ext. 101
My cell is 609-230-4822
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Lorman Distinguished Faculty Member