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Bookkeeping Tips for Small Business Owners

You don’t have to believe me– here’s well-known buisness coach Joan Nowak of Hybrid Busness Advisors: Email this

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Do I Really Need to Save all My Paper Receipts?

The electronic era we live in has it’s good sides and it’s bad–but this time, I can report happily, that you can put 3/4 of your filing cabinets on Craig’s List and use the proceeds to invest in a good-quality … More…

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Your Extension is Almost Over–What Now???

Bet you thought you’d have those books caught up by now, didn’t you?  Bet you thought you’d have time over the summer.  Bet you thought something would have changed.  But here you are, two weeks from filing time again, and … More…

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When to Hire a Bookkeeper or Accountant

When QuickBooks takes you only so far, it’s time to bring in a financial pro. Entrepreneurs thrive on a DIY mentality: Do everything you can yourself and don’t pay for anything new until you have absolutely have to. It’s especially … More…

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Get Your Eggs Out of that Disaster Recovery Basket

You may have heard of Terry Childs (pictured). He was a system administrator for the city of San Francisco who, in 2008, was arrested for refusing to divulge passwords that only he had. A long series of legal maneuvering followed, leading to Childs’s imprisonment. … More…

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WHAT? The IRS wants to AUDIT???

Shoot me now.  Isn’t that how you feel? Well, there is good news.  If you use a GOOD bookkeeper (like us), and you use GOOD accounting software (like QuickBooks) and you used a GOOD accountant (like these) for your tax … More…

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Bookkeeper Madness

Bookkeeper Madness Does Your Bookkeeper Really Know What They Are Doing? There’s no faster way to kill a business than to mishandle its finances. That’s why it’s surprising how often small business owners hand their books over to a bookkeeper … More…

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Should Your Bookkeeper be a Technophile?

For some, the task of finding good bookkeeper services to handle their daily business needs can be on a par with finding the holy grail. It’s a never-ending quest that rarely results in complete satisfaction. The big problem always seems to be … More…

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Checklist for Choosing a Bookkeeper

Thinking of hiring a bookkeeper?  Great!  Print out this checklist and use it as an interview tool! How to Choose a Bookkeeper for Your Business Email this

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6 Things You’ve Never Been Told by your Tax Pro

All most people know is that their accountant takes their information and turns it into a tax return. The process is somewhat of a mystery, and the do’s and don’ts aren’t very evident to most business owners. Read this article BEFORE you go to your accountant’s office!

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6 Things You’ve Never Been Told by Your Tax Pro


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