Top 10 Advantages of being on Tax Extension

10.  You can stop feeling guilty (for awhile) about not having your stuff together in time

9.  You have 5 months more to procrastinate

8.  You can stop wondering (for awhile) how much you are going to owe and where you are going to get it from

7.  You can run into your accountant at the post office without ducking and trying to hide behind the mailbox

6.  You can make yourself feel better by proclaiming you won’t do this again next year

5.  Your husband/wife/significant other will back off the nagging (for awhile)

4.  You can go to Staples and buy interesting organizers and folders to make you believe you’re getting organized

3.  You can comfort yourself that your accountant would much rather put you on extension than try to squeeze you in last minute

2.  You have time to find a local chapter of Procrastinators On Overtime (“POO”)

1.  You can call us and know we’ll have your books all done and ready for your accountant long before your extension runs out. (1-866-do-books, in case you forgot)


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