Playing Hooky

I love this time of year.  All of our bookkeepers have families, so they all want to be home baking cookies, shopping, decorating, and otherwise enjoying this joyful season.

Consequently, they all work extra hard to get all their clients work up to date and complete earlier in the month, so they can start playing hooky about now.  I’m no different.  I wander in late, leave early, and am excited that the phone is not ringing with new inquires for business.  Yet.

However, in another two weeks folks will start to come out of the woodwork because the year will have ended and their bookkeeping is still not done.  That’s when the phone starts to ring.  It’s OK–I’ll be well rested and ready for them!

Are you one of those?  Don’t call yet…you’re this late, you may as well wait another two weeks.  Let’s talk after the first.  And in the meantime?  Go home and make cookies.  Or better yet, eat them.  Mmmmm

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!  (and all the other holidays, too)

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