Are we there yet?

Nov 1st?! Why does the end of the year sneak up on me like this?  

Oh, I know there’s still another 60 days, but in my world, Thanksgiving and Christmas own a lot of that time.  Next thing I know, it’s January 1 and all my clients are scrambling to do everything they meant to have completed by the end of December.

This is an accountant/bookkeeper’s fact-of-life, but it doesn’t have to be yours.  Whether it’s things in your business or things in your life in general, remember to schedule your priorities.  Everyone is always busy prioritizing their schedules, but the really important stuff may never get on that schedule.

Instead of waiting to make New Year’s Resolutions, why don’t you get a head start?  What really has to get done before the end of the year?  Think, pray, plan, and execute.  From what I hear you still have 60 days to pull it off…

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