September 1st–really?

I’m sad.  No, I mean like really sad.  All year I look forward to summer (Check out this post to see what I’m talking about) and now it’s over.  Oh, I know, it’s still warm during the day, and crisp and lovely in the evening.  but did YOU notice what time it got dark last night?  See what I mean?

All you fall lovers, shush up.  I think it’s pretty, too.  But it means winter is headed our way.  All you winter lovers, you skiers, you crazy “I love the cold” people–settle down.  The cold is just NOT fun for me.  Well, OK, I love Christmas and I do have some lovely sweaters…

However, there is ONE thing I really look forward to when summer is over.  All you business owners who are behind on your bookkeeping suddenly wake up and go “Whoa!  The year is more than half over!”  And then you go looking for a bookkeeper to do your QuickBooks.

“Seek and you shall find.”  Jesus was talking about wisdom.  I’m talking about Your Bookkeeper.  Here we are.  Give us a call and let’s fix that problem.

Now let’s all wear white until Tuesday morning.

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