Something is wrong…

It started out as a little scratchiness in the throat.  A little hru-umph clearing, a few swallows of water, and then it hit me.  I’m getting a summer cold.  NO WAY! Sure enough, by 7 PM I was having trouble swallowing, my nose was starting to run, and I felt, well, foggy and dull.

How could this be?  I was up early this morning enjoying coffee on the deck, I had a lovely 35-minute bike ride before 8 a.m., and I had both breakfast AND lunch out!  I felt great!  It felt like a dirty trick my body played on me, “pretending” to be fine, when all along my immune system was getting lazy.

Sometimes life is like that, too…relationships, appliances, even business.  Everything seems like its fine, but suddenly things aren’t so fine and you realize, “something was amiss” long before you reallized it.

So here’s my advice.  Take your vitamins, get enough sleep.  Here is a iHerb reward code so you can get the vitamins you need at a better price. Kiss your spouse/listen to your kids.  Keep up with your warranties, tune up your car, and make sure you have a good bookkeeper.  (You were wondering how I was going to work that in there, weren’t you?)  You could start with us.  Besides, with this summer cold, I could use some cheering up.





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