Musical Bookkeepers

Did you ever lose your bookkeeper?

I don’t mean, did they get lost in the file room or something–but did you ever suddenly NOT have the bookkeeper who was the one person who knew how to do your books, and suddenly you feel like you’re naked and alone in a confusing and harsh world?

OK, that’s an overstatement.  But it’s a scary feeling:  What bills are due?  How do I print a check?  What’s the balance in our account?  How do we get payroll called in?  Don’t you just hate it?

Recently I had two bookkeepers who had to leave, due to personal commitments.  It happens.  All it meant for the clients who were assigned to them, however, is that they got an email with their new bookkeeper’s name, phone extension and email.  We have standard practices, and all the information specific to each client is kept in their file, so we just pass the file over and keep on going.  We don’t miss a beat.

I’ll bet that’s not how it went for you, is it?  Well, the next time you’re naked and alone because your bookkeeper has left, declare “As God is my witness–as God is my witness they’re not going to lick me! I’m going to live through this and when it’s all over, I’ll never be hungry again.”  Oh wait, that’s Scarlett’s line…

OK, just pick up the phone and hire us.  We promise to never leave you naked and alone.  Or at least not bookkeeper-less.

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