It’s o-o-o-over!

So either you got your taxes done, you’re waiting for your refund (oh please don’t tell me you had to pay….) and you’re merrily on your way,


You filed an extension (again) and are back to procrastinating mode.  Isn’t it fun?  At least you’re predictable, right?  Little known fact:  Many, many accountants are also on extension.  Does that make you feel any better?  Of course, they actually have a valid reason; they were so busy filing every one else’s that they put their own on the back burner…shoemaker’s children, and all that.

But you?  Well, you probably just don’t have your stuff together, right?  As usual.  So what’s going to change?  Will it ever change?  How can it change?  Come sit on our couch and let’s have a session.  Er, I mean, come hire Your  Bookkeeper and leave the driving to us.  At least we’ll get you there on time.

Meanwhile, you’ve got 6 more months to procrastinate.  And you probably will.  At least you’re predictable…

(Enjoy the spring weather while you’re at it!)

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