October 2009

Did you ever just get bombarded by “stuff?”In the last month, my dear old dog died (16-1/2 years, we had a good run), I traveled to Florida to visit my mother post-heart attack, I attended a convention in Tennessee, I got a new puppy, I began searching for new housing marketo alternative for Mom in NJ, and I interviewed 10 people for a bookkeeping job.

It happens –life runs us over when we’re not looking, and before you know it, a month or two have gone by and you are trying to figure out how to pick up where you left off before the storm hit.

If you’re a business owner, that might mean that anything non-essential has been skipped, and now you have to face the music.

You’d be surprised how often new clients come to us because they have never been able to recover from “that time” when they got behind on their books. If that’s you–don’t be ashamed, just come on down and let’s get it straightened out.

We can compare notes on “The Perfect Storm.” Winner gets a prize.

Now move onto Role Counter Pick
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