Your Extension is Almost Over–What Now???

Bet you thought you’d have those books caught up by now, didn’t you?  Bet you thought you’d have time over the summer.  Bet you thought something would have changed.  But here you are, two weeks from filing time again, and no better off.

What now?

Well, first off, say UNCLE. You’re never going to have time.  You Don’t. Have. Time.

Call for help.  Get the ball rolling, get a qualified bookkeeper (or a whole team of them–we have been known to put several people on a rush case) and start getting caught up.

Chances are, your accountant can file a tax return that’s a guesstimate, and in another month, when the bookkeeping is all caught up, you can file an amended return.  I know it’s messy.  And costly.  But you’re going to have to look in the mirror to point fingers.

Then how about we don’t do that again?  Keep that bookkeeper.  Work out a good system so you can put your attention on running your business, stop fiddling with bank statements, and get rid of that guilt.

We’re waiting by the phone.  Go ahead, pick it up.  Go straight to the top and call the owner, Denise, on her cell.  (609-230-4822) or call the office manager, Dawn, at 1-609-654-9002 ext 102


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