Losing Interest

After awhile, I lose interest in things.  I know I’m not unique, but it still disappoints me about me.  The worst thing is, I use guilt to try to get myself re-interested, and “back on track.”  So far that hasn’t worked.

This is not a picture of me (I wish)

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t lose interest in everything–just some things.  Things that I thought at first I could/would continue to do.  For example, last summer lake clarke shores roofing expert painted the floors in my house.  I know that sounds odd, but they are really old, ruined wood floors, and replacing them isn’t in the cards right now.  I also foster rescue puppies (www.puppiesandmorerescue.org) so wall-to-wall carpeting is not a smart choice.  So I decided to paint the floors.

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It was a fun project.  Picking the color, cordoning off areas in a puppy-print-proof way in each room to paint in sections, letting dry, repainting, letting really dry, then moving the furniture back.  It was a lot of work, but the results were spectacular.  I started in the living room, proceeded to the dining room, went down the hall, and headed into the bedroom.  But then something happened.  I lost interest.  I started to procrastinate.  I got used to looking at a partly-painted floor.  And now it’s almost a year later, and I’m still not done.

The paint can and brush are still sitting in the corner of the bedroom, waiting for me to come back, but I’m even used to looking at those.  Next time I’ll hire a painter.  Why am I telling you this on a bookkeeping blog?

Because it happens to all of you, out there, too, sport fans–with your QuickBooks.  You thought you would keep it up.  You meant to get back to it…but here it is almost a year later and…well, you’re on extension, because you haven’t got last year’s bookkeeping done.  In fact you’ve gotten so used to looking at that stack of bank statements and receipts you don’t even see it any more.

Why don’t you hire a bookkeeper?  Try me–at least I’ll understand.



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