New Digs

On a recent Saturday, Medford, NJ residents reported strange activity in and around the offices of YOUR BOOKEEPER at 23 South Main Street.  Further investigation revealed non-employees carrying office furniture across the street. Bystanders sighted staff bookkeepers carrying computers and keyboards, and the owner of the business was seen removing artwork.  (story cont. below)


When This Took Place

While the Activity was first noticed by local area residents on Saturday, March 2, investigation revealed that the conspirators had been planning the covert operation since early January.


Why This Took Place

In an interview with Your Bookkeeper Founder & CEO Denise Worrell, Worrell admitted that the office space they had occupied since May of 2008 was, while “spacious and dreamy,” no longer proving to be cost effective. Worrell said she was faced with the choice between raising her bookkeeping rates or lowering her operating costs. “My customers don’t need to pay for things like 10 feet between desks, or 8 windows and a roof deck,” said Worrell.Accounting manager, Dawn Mass spoke candidly, “Frankly, I was sick of going down two flights of stairs every time I had to put a letter in the mailbox.”The new office is much more compact–one room–and will no doubt cut overhead drastically.Bookkeepers now no longer have to get up to walk long distances to one another’s desks to confer; they can simply roll their chairs 6” and be practically on top of one another.Staff bookkeeper Sue Shurr commented, “Everything is 5 steps away: the bathroom, the mailbox, the trash cans, and even the neighbors.  It’s just so efficient!”

The moment of crisis came when it appeared the office water cooler would not fit.  Threats of strike or work slowdown were silenced when staff bookkeeper Holly Taylor noted, “If we just shove this desk another inch, I think it will squeeze between the desk and the file case.”  Taylor turned out to be right, and tensions were relieved.


The Main Question Everyone Wants Answered

As people toured the newly painted and handsomely decorated facility, besides wanting to know where the artwork came from and who designed the elegant window treatments, the questions on everyone’s lips were the same.  “What’s their new address?”  Have the phone numbers changed? Worrell held a press conference to address these concerns.  Following is a summary of her comments:

 33A S. Main Street
Medford, NJ  08055

 Phone (same) 609-654-9002
Fax (same) 609-654-9223

 Phone Extensions (same)
Denise 101, Dawn 102, Holly 103, Sue 106

 Emails (same)
Denise/Dawn/Holly/Sue (pick one)


In case you didn’t bother reading, the bottom line is, “We’ve Moved.”  Have a great week!


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