QuickBooks Training Seminars are On the Calendar!

For everyone who has been begging, we have finally put our One-Hour QuickBooks Training Seminars for Business Owners on the calendar for everyone to feast on!

We here at Your Bookeeper are in the business of doing bookkeeping for small businesses, so it’s not really in our best interest to teach business owners how to do it themselves.  But let’s face it, some people just are never going to hire a bookkeeper.  Maybe they are just starting out and can’t afford it yet.  Maybe they are too cheap.  Maybe they have trust issues. Maybe they’re laundering money–I don’t know, but they are out there, and they are making a mess in their QuickBooks.

So we have decided to have mercy, and help those folks out, too.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who keeps their own books who has that creepy feeling that they are probably not doing it right.
  • Anyone who keeps their own books and whose accountant has to “fix” them every year
  • Anyone who keeps their own books and can’t make any sense out of the resulting reports
  • Anyone who is supposed to keep their own books but who hasn’t figured out how to use the stupid QuickBooks program yet
  • Any employee/spouse/indentured servant who is supposed to keep the books for the company and needs to learn how
  • Anyone who is trying to decide if they are even capable of keeping their own books
  • Anyone starting a business who will have to keep their own books to begin with
  • Anyone who is not already our customer (right?)

So look at what we have in store for you and pick a date.  We are running all three courses (introductory, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable) on multiple dates to fit everyone’s schedule.  Right now we are scheduled on all Monday Evenings, but if we get enough people begging (we are very sympathetic to beggars, here) we will add some Saturday morning dates into the schedule, as well.

So jump right in and register for the first seminar.  We’ve kept it affordable ($49) and if you gather up a friend or two and register together, it’s only $39 per person!

Location:  TBA (Burlington County, NJ area)


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