Basic Bookkeeping

Our general bookkeeping system works well because it’s practical and simple.

Step One: We receive your paperwork.  This can be done several ways.  You can simply keep a mailer handy in the office, shop or at home, and place paperwork in it as it is generated: bank statements, cash receipts, payroll information, etc. At regular intervals you will seal it and place it in a mailbox.  Alternatively, you can scan and email us your paperwork, or we can log in directly to the source site and download it ourselves. Whatever works best for you is what we do!

Step Two: We take it from there, entering all you information into QuickBooks, from our NJ office, organizing and filing your paperwork and sending any originals back to you every month in folders, ready to go in your filing cabinet. Or, join the many who are signing up for QuickBooks Online™ and have access to your company’s financial data 24/7 through the internet.  Alternatively, some businesses are set up to allow us remote access to the server where their QuickBooks resides. Not sure which way to go?  Read this: Differences Between On-Site and Cloud Accounting Software.

Having your income and expenses tracked all year not only makes your job easy at the end of the year for taxes, it also allows you to get an accurate picture as you go of how your business is doing. A monthly Profit and Loss Sheet and/or Balance Sheet can be provided for your convenience at no extra cost.

Watch this short video 5 things Good Bookkeeping does for your business