Specialty Bookkeeping for Animal Services

We have staff members who know the Animal Service Industries well.

Whether it’s an animal shelter or kennel, a rescue group, a veterinarian, a horse training or racing facility, a riding stable or a breeding operation, we’ve “been there/done that.”

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You won’t spend time trying to explain to us how your business works or what the terminology is.  If you’re tired of feeling like you’re speaking a foreign language to your bookkeeper/accountant, we can help.  In addition, we are experience in working with Boards of Directors and Non-Profit Agency Controllers.



We are experienced at coordinating with separate software–databases/paypal/industry-specific software so that your accounting software agrees with all your other information


We can do as little as “keep your books” so you are tax ready, or we can be full-service: pay your bills, invoice your customers or clients, manage your bank accounts, etc.


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