Accountants You Can Count On

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Do I need a bookkeeper AND an accountant?

  • Your bookkeeper enters all the data from you financial paperwork. Your accountant takes the end result and does the tax return.
  • Your bookkeeper is a financial historian. Your accountant takes that history and does tax planning for the future.
  • Your bookkeeper assembles a few pieces of the puzzle we call your financial picture. Your accountant takes all the pieces and puts the puzzle together.

Accountants are an important part of your business as well as Tampines company secretary. A good accountant will work with your bookkeeper to make sure that your books are structured in such a way that you are getting all the deductions you are entitled to AND you are not claiming things which you cannot.

A good accountant pays attention to how your business (or businesses) affect your overall financial profile, and recommends structures and procedures to produce the best tax result for you.

A good accountant takes a long, hard, deep look at “your numbers” and can help you to see what areas of your business need attention.

You NEED a good accountant.  We have worked with the accountants on this page.  Some of them are our clients’ accountants, some of them have helped us in OUR business.  They don’t make it to our website unless we feel confident they are worthy of our recommendation.

If you need an accountant, please contact any of these folks, and be sure to tell them how you found them!

Gallo Financial Services

Padden, Cooper, Lawsen, Denn, Drewry

Abo & Company, LLC
(Marty Abo)

Tax Advisors, LLC
(Linda McDevitt)

“Gold Gertein Group.LLC”
(Ken Annarelli, CPA)
(Marty Mellman, CPA)