A Little More About Me

What’s a nice girl like me doing in a place like this?

There’s more to me than Bookkeeping!  In fact, it’s almost laughable that I find myself the owner of a Bookkeeping Business.  My first job was as an entrepreneur — I rode my bike around and delivered flyers advertising all the jobs I could do for money–everything from typing to guitar lessons to housecleaning to painting, etc. etc.  I was my own boss for a summer and made decent money.  In high school I took care of a neighbor’s horse after school and also had an office job 3 afternoons a week and on Saturdays.

Our Horse Farm, “Windfall”

I was an English Major in college, where I worked for the English department as a gal Friday, then graduated and taught 7th and 8th grade for a short stint.  That turned out to not click with me, so I worked on the racetrack with Thoroughbred Horses for a few years. I briefly had a job with an employment agency, then worked for a year doing the morning shift at Dunkin’ Donuts, (still love that stuff…) while starting my own Hunter & Jumper training stable which I had for 22 years.

Somewhere in those early days I did Amway for a year or so, and then, after we sold the farm (which had been the love of my life), I worked as a reporter for a local newspaper, then as an electrician’s helper (OK, he was my husband) riding right along on the truck with him for two  years before changing gears yet again and starting Your Bookkeeper in January of 2004. (if that sentence seemed like a run-on, so did those years!)  During all of this I raised three children and had countless dogs and cats, chickens, a sheep & a turtle.

Sounds like a direct route to a bookkeeping business, doesn’t it?

In my spare time on and off, I am a foster for a puppy rescue bringing home about 2 pups a month for a few weeks, (oh, and I built their website, as well as my own), and I still teach riding to kids at Fenway Farm in Shamong, NJ, a few times a week.

2013 FAC Christmas Cantata

I have been a lay counselor at my church, Fellowship Alliance Chapel, since 1998, where I also sing in the choir (Alto).